90 Day

Holistic Program

The 90 day holistic program focused on your relationship with food, by changing bad habits that have been stopping you from living your best life. I believe that the way you do one thing is how you do everything, so if one area of you life your life is falling through the cracks, the others are most likely gonna follow the same path. During the program we will uncover the reason why you keep holding on to this negative habits and then shift them. By the end of the program you'll have new health/life promoting habits that will support you in all areas of your life.

I'll be committed to you during the whole process to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health goals. Whether you are looking to lose, manage weight or become more healthy.

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The Program

The holistic program is a 90 day coaching program focused on changing of habits.


The program consists of 12 session (1 session per week). Every week we'll go over goals, actions steps and new information to find the perfect diet for you and to set up the conditions for inevitable success. We'll use some coaching techniques to uncover the why underneath the why. Why do you wanna change your health? Why do you eat the way you eat? Why do you crave certain foods? 

That will help us find the root of the why we do the things we do and from there we'll start shifting old habits by reprogramming our brain and creating new life promoting habits that will support you to live the life you were meant to live. 

Lauren Moore, Chief of Staff  

Laura has such positive and calming energy in her presence as a coach. She always followed up on my action items, helping me to remain accountable and adjust steps as needed to better achieve my goals. The most powerful change was her support in helping me to relax and adjust my sleep schedule. Her guided breathing exercises are truly beneficial and I was able to implement on my own at any time of the day. It took some time to really evolve my sleeping habits, but she didn't give up on the importance of adapting these restless nights and getting proper rest. Now I have a night regimen and am more energized throughout the day. She was always equipped with new tools and tips to guide any area of my life and to become my best self. 

Thais Xabu, Film Producer

In the middle of the pandemic, I went through some serious personal health problems and I found out that I was going to need to undergo surgery.
That scared me. I was feeling lost. I was feeling my worst. How did I allow myself to get to this point?
I have always tried to have a healthy lifestyle and I kept failing, but with Laura, I had the perfect amount of support and accountability to keep up with my goals.
Laura showed me that I should not be too hard on myself and that I definitely needed to put myself above everything else to be able to heal. If I'm being my best self, I'll be able to serve myself and my loved ones.

Now I have a more clarified mind. She helped me develop a better relationship with food through intuitive eating. I was able to gain confidence in my ability to start my own business during a pandemic. She helped me to feel like my inner child again. Working with Laura has been amazing! I loved that every week at the end of our session she would come up with action steps aka homework that was really effective.
Laura is a master at empowerment, and communication. She's a people person. I’m so happy to have Laura by my side in one of the time of my life that I needed the most. She has the power to lightning people's life. Strongly recommend!

Douglas Modesto, Actor

Unbelievable. Is the most accurate word to describe this program. The promises that this program holds for 90 days seem unattainable. And yes I give you my word that I didn't believe in anything when I first started it.
Two reasons why I accepted the challenge, affordable price and the despair for something that would miraculously make me thinner.
Surprisingly a lot has changed, I cried, I had some existential crises, and in at least three sessions I talked about giving up, but every time the program surprised me. Being honest with myself and Laura provided moments of relief that kept me on the track. YES I achieved my biggest goal which was to lose weight, however I assure you all the other targets I had have changed after ninety days. Because I changed.
Today I am in the eighth month of coaching with Dr. Laura, and I say that with each session a transformation takes place.